Double comb-back Windsor Settee

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We make our benchmade Windsors in a range of period designs with traditional colonial wood working tools, producing each chair from regionally harvested lumber.  Our Windsor seating is available for order, built to your specifications one piece at a time. All our of pieces are designed for comfort and longevity, it is more than a piece of furniture, it is an heirloom.


Chicone Cabinetmakers' School of Windsor offers a five-day Windsor chair making course several times throughout the year. Traditional green woodworking techniques are used as students craft a bench-made sack-back Windsor chair. At the end of the course students will have their individually handcrafted chair and the experience needed to craft Windsor chairs in their home workshop.

Chicone Windsors in the Press

Nationally recognized for his craftsmanship, cabinetmaker Vincent Chicone has been listed in Early American Life’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts since 2010 for his Windsors. "One of America's best," he is nationally recognized for his craftsmanship. Our Windsors have been featured in Traditional Home and House Beautiful, click here to browse our Windsors in the news.